We are a relaxed and practical Shotokan Karate club based in Kettering, Northants.Designed to improve fitness/wellbeing as well as teaching realistic and practical self defence skills. Join and you will learn realistic techniques without losing the key traditions of a Japanese Martial Art• Adults and children very welcome • Suitable for ages 8+• A great workout- excellent for getting and staying in shape • Improved concentration and discipline • Friendly, fun environment • Great family activityMost “Traditional" Karate clubs focus purely on the form of Kata, without providing any understanding or training in the function/purpose. ASK aims to change this. A key part of our training is through the understanding of Kata and analysis of the bunkai (application) of each kata. This will include lots of opportunities to take out your frustration on pads & kick shields! The aim is to provide all our students with the opportunity to learn in a fun and safe environment the key practical skills and techniques to avoid trouble, and, as a last resort to provide the skills necessary to defend themselves in real life scenarios. This will be taught at a pace to suit all abilities.

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Applied Shotokan Karate
Southfield School Lewis Road Kettering NN15 6HE
07825 289030
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