Designing, marketing & teaching personal safety for teens - Richard Dimitri & Pamela Armitage

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What to teach and how to reach teens in relation to violence prevention and defense. A breakdown of curriculum focusing on prevention, awareness, de-escalation, recognition of behavioural patterns in relation to abuse, grooming and targeting, as well as physical defenses to most common attacks.

This workshop is led by the team behind - Richard Dimitri and Pamela Armitage. Most of you will already be aware of them by reputation but if not then take a few minutes to google them before immediately returning to sign up! Their extensive and successful experience with high school students has been a core part of their work for many years and this is your opportunity to learn how to replicate this for teenagers in your own area.
They believe everyone from children to seniors should have access to personal-safety training that can be learned in hours, not years.

Since 1994, this material has been taught to over 250,000 people in Canada and communities around the world with some incredible results.
We're delighted to host this webinar in the UK so that more instructors can learn what Pam and Rich teach and why it works.
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06 Mar 2021
Almost three years ago now I first got in touch with Peter Consterdine as I felt that it was time for me to depart from the group that I then had not only my membership with, but also some 50 members. I recall clearly feeling nervous as I briefly waited for the phone to be answered, and the voice on the other end was Peter himself! It was a pleasure and relief to deal with such an encouraging and supportive organisation, which is why I am very happy to be a member of the BCKA. I'm also very happy that my own group, which is substantially larger and stronger than back then are also supported by Peter and Dawn. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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