After 30 highly successful years of service to the self defence and mixed martial arts community through the British Combat Association (BCA), in 2011 Peter Consterdine 10th Dan Karate, launched a new Association to cater specifically for the interests of the UK Karateka – the British Combat Karate Association (BCKA), which provides a ‘home’ for the traditional (all styles), freestyle, sports and the more ‘combat’ (jutsu) oriented club or group.

All those clubs and groups that have felt isolated and ignored within the large traditional groups will now be able to find a ‘home’ with an association that understands and encourages all aspects of traditional and modern Karate. Equally, for those groups and clubs that have left behind the ‘mainstream’ organizations some time ago, there is now an Association that you can be a part of without any political interference, or restrictions on what you want to learn, or who you want to learn it from.

Although there are many ‘all-styles’ organizations in the UK, few, if any, have the breadth of experience across the permutations of the karate arena as Peter and who proved with what was a groundbreaking organisation, the British Combat Association - to be probably the most respected mixed/practical martial arts organisation in the UK. The intention has been to repeat this success but, specifically, for the Karate community through the BCKA.

Chief Instructor

Peter Consterdine a 10th Dan in Karate, with some 59 years continuous training, and some 8 years on the  Gt. Britain and England Karate squads, started his Karate journey in 1964 and trained to 1st dan in Wado Ryu and in 1969 was a founder of the Shukokai Karate Union (SKU), training with one of his strongest influences Shigeru Kimura Sensei. Peter was one of very few British Karate Internationals who fought Full Contact, taking a British title in the mid 70’s.

Renowned not only for his groundbreaking work on the ‘practical’ application of martial arts, but also for his skill and abilities in melding traditional Karate with kickboxing, and other combative and competitive arts. Peter’s belief is that whilst the practice of karate must be aesthetic, it must also have ‘content.‘ In other words it must have the priority of having ‘impactive effect‘ – it must work.


As anyone knows who has been associated with the BCA, that even the mundane is done well, such as exceptional administration support – “no long wait for your student licences and insurance cover” – often back to you by return post. Ask any BCA Instructor about the level of efficiency in the BCA and they will tell you it is the most effectively run organisation they have ever been with. Service levels are measured in days, not weeks, or even months, as in some cases we hear about. You will never need to make an excuse to your students as to where their membership and grading book are. Queries are answered immediately and any help we can be in areas such as syllabus development, or marketing you only need to ask.


"Since the short time I have been with BCKA and BCA I have been very pleased with the open and positive attitude of those I have been in contact with. Administration is fantastic with student licence turn around of days. In addition the vast knowledge of senior instructors in the BCKA and BCA makes the organisation stand out as a leader in it's field."

Darran Queenan

"Joining the BCKA was the best decision I made for my club. The support on offer is fantastic. The administration side is outstanding with very fast turn around for insurances and certificates. The instructors are all brilliant, they're all more than happy to help and coach. If it's advise your after then it's only a phone call away. If your looking to developyourself and your club then there is no better place. Personally I havemanaged to develop my own skills and know how and have been able to pass that on to my students. I don't think I could have done that with out the support and guidance of Peter, Iain, Dawn and all the other members of British Combat who have helped me so far."

Rachel Slater Chief Instructor Evolution Karate and Kickboxing Academy.

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