Often one of the most difficult things for Instructors to do is construct a syllabus that sensibly incorporates and reflects where the club or group is taking their martial arts. Taking a traditional syllabus and incorporating more combative, or full contact elements is an art in itself and we have years of experience of helping Instructors shape their future training and grading programmes.

From squad training sessions (whatever your discipline), through to Dan gradings, coaching qualifications and specialist combat courses, there is a full range of services. The main purpose, however, is to provide a ‘home’ where everyone feels welcome and can network with other open-minded Karateka. This network has proven invaluable within the BCA and has, as expected, become a major feature of the BCKA.

Whether you are holding a course, arranging a tournament, or hosting an instructor from abroad you will have a substantial network of Instructors and their students to market these to. Development, growth and change are often considered dirty words in some organisations, but welcome in the BCKA, to the extent that we will encourage and help with it all. In whatever direction an Instructor feels he, or she should be taking their art, or sport, we have someone within the Association who will be able to help and who has been through the process.

For those Instructors who are still operating within the traditional arena, we will be aligned to both the English and Scottish governing bodies, giving access for those competitors who aspire to the highest levels of national competition. We provide all the usual insurances, CRB checks and ‘operational policies’ that are required or are ‘best practice.’ We hear groups talking about “No Politics” whereas its seldom practiced by them in reality and the restrictions they place on Instructors and students are often more draconian than they were in the bad old days of single style organisations.

We truly know how to do it without any politics, as we’ve demonstrated with the BCA, which we often hear people say is one of very few the credible organisation in the UK. 

  • Comprehensive Instructor and student liability and accident insurance
  • Grading/membership book and a range of certificates for Instructors,
  • Dan Gradings and grading ratification for traditional, freestyle and full contact InstructorsA
  • Regular seminars and Self Protection qualifications (‘Combat Coach’)
  • Membership of the England Karate Federation (EKF)
  • Membership of the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB) 
  • DBS checking facility Full support for yours and your club’s development
  • Entry of the BCKA’s website ‘Club Locator’  
  • Exceptional Administration
  • A network of the very best martial artists through all three Associations
  • Support with syllabus construction
  • Club development assistance and marketing support

We have a very detailed Information Pack that you can download from the site. If you want to talk through anything in the first instance then pick up the phone and speak to Peter Consterdine.


"I have trained in Karate for 34 years and have experienced several karate and martial art organisations. BCKA is by far the best organisation I have experienced. Joining the BCKA in 2011 we have evolved and matured as martial artists, and hence our club has grown in both membership and quality.

The BCKA provides open access to a network of martial artists - other clubs, other teachers and the BCKA expert professionals who are friendly, courteous and open minded.

A successful club requires excellent administration. Licence renewal, grade recording and certificate production is professionally and efficiently processed by the BCKA administration team.

Without the burden of politics, a policy of non-interference, encouraging independence with the optional yet available network of helpful guides and mentors, the BCKA is an exemplary martial arts organisation. A measure of an organisation is the substance and quality of the people within it. My fellow BCKA martial artists, who either as individuals or club owners, informally support each other by participating in seminars, courses and inter-dojo exchanges, all sharing knowledge and co-operating in a friendly and non-demanding fashion." 

Ally Whytock Blairgowrie & Coupar Angus Shotokan Karate Club


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