LONDON SUNDAY 22nd and 29th MARCH - 2pm to 5pm

Fitness4Less 23-29 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 0UE


The seminar is on the vitally important issues of PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY, we see news items regularly where burglars, robbers and terrorists will threaten and attack all members of a family group in order to get what they want. Everybody must be prepared for this situation.

As well as physical responses, a central theme of the seminar is developing an understanding of the awareness skills and the mindset involved in protecting your family. Remember this could be protecting your parents, brothers and sisters and indeed your close friends as well as partner and children.

Among the many aspects covered will be the response to kidnapping, hostage taking and home invasion. And remember that this will be education for everyone concerned so old and young members of the family will know how they must behave and work as a team if necessary.

The topic of Family Protection is so important that we are now focusing on this over both days.

A weekend of valuable family protection skills and quality time with your family not to be missed.

Keep your family safe at all times.

New and Old students welcome

1 day £60 per person
2 days £100 per person
1 day Family £80 up to 4 ppl
2 days Family £120 up to 4 ppl
(immediate Family and 12 years +)


or PM us for Payment Details and to reserve your place


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Fitness4Less 23-29 Great Suffolk St, London SE1 0UE
Almost three years ago now I first got in touch with Peter Consterdine as I felt that it was time for me to depart from the group that I then had not only my membership with, but also some 50 members. I recall clearly feeling nervous as I briefly waited for the phone to be answered, and the voice on the other end was Peter himself! It was a pleasure and relief to deal with such an encouraging and supportive organisation, which is why I am very happy to be a member of the BCKA. I'm also very happy that my own group, which is substantially larger and stronger than back then are also supported by Peter and Dawn. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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