Tommy Joe Moore and Iain Abernethy Seminar

There was a time before fish and chips. A time before Shaggy and Scooby. 

Every obviously iconic pairing needs a first. And this is it.

Proud to present Tommy Joe Moore and Iain Abernethy as a double bill in Oxfordshire on 9th November 2024.




Event Details
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09 Nov 2024
John Mason School, 11 Godwyn Close, Abingdon, OX14 1BU, United Kingdom
Almost three years ago now I first got in touch with Peter Consterdine as I felt that it was time for me to depart from the group that I then had not only my membership with, but also some 50 members. I recall clearly feeling nervous as I briefly waited for the phone to be answered, and the voice on the other end was Peter himself! It was a pleasure and relief to deal with such an encouraging and supportive organisation, which is why I am very happy to be a member of the BCKA. I'm also very happy that my own group, which is substantially larger and stronger than back then are also supported by Peter and Dawn. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Lee Mullan - Keiryu Practical Karate
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