We’re really pleased to announce that finally Kudo Japan has approved the first ‘OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL BRANCH CHIEF FOR THE UK.’

BCKA 6TH DAN Mal Sanchez-Jones has been appointed UK lead in April 2022 by Kenichi Osada - Daido Juko Jukocho, Japan.

As many of you know I’ve been personally trying to promote Kudo in the UK in the belief that it is one of the best and total combat competition formats, absolutely captivating to watch. The BCKA has been supporting the efforts to get Kudo off the ground over many years, back when Lee Hasdell first set out to build Kudo in the UK and we have many Kudo Instructors and students in BCKA membership.

However, because of the need to have every step approved by Kudo Japan this proved an uphill struggle, particularly trying to get competitions going but, finally, Mal has broken through and can now build on this foundation.

To help people better understand Kudo Mal has put together a Q & A sheet, the link for which is below, and can I suggest that whatever your martial discipline you’ll have a path to Kudo, so have a read of this. 


 Peter Consterdine

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